The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is happy to present the 2024 graduation exhibition “Shaping Future Cities” showcasing creative, critical and technologically advanced approaches to materialise the urban environment we want tomorrow, today. In this context we ask what the potentials of Advanced & Robotic Manufacturing, Computational & Algorithmic Design, and AI & Novel Technologies are? How can we leverage these to develop more Innovative & Sustainable Processes, Circular & Metabolic Systems, and Responsive & Regenerative Ecosystems? And how can we work through Collaborative & Community Driven Practices together with More than Humans & Other Species to reach these goals?


Opening: 28th of June 2024
Time: 18-20h
Location: IAAC Atelier (C. Pujades, 59)


> The exhibition will be accessible exclusively on selected dates. Secure your visit, register below.

The projects exhibited by the various IAAC educational programmes will demonstrate innovative solutions to address today’s issues. The exhibition will encourage visitors to consider how we may shape the future through collaborative design processes with a variety of different human, non-human, cultural, and technological entities. From advanced architecture and computation, to ecological buildings, from urban technologies and innovative urbanism, to emergent futures, from digital fashion to machines that make, from robotics in construction to distributing design, join us in celebrating the achievements of IAAC’s classes of 2023/24 and 2022/24.

The “Shaping Future Cities” exhibition will run from June 28th to September 10th at the IAAC Atelier, located at C/ Pujades 59. IAAC is delighted to invite visitors to the Exhibition Opening and IAAC Educational Programmes Excellence Award Ceremony on June 28th at 18:00 in the IAAC Atelier. The ceremony and opening will be followed by some beats and some beers, so stick around!

Following the Opening, the exhibition will be accessible exclusively on selected dates. Secure your visit with a reservation here.