The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is pleased to announce a new edition of the distributed IAAC Global Summer School (GSS) workshops, presenting an online and presential experience connecting its amazing network of faculties, laboratories and renowned lecturers in the biggest online and presential educational summer course ever done before.  Since the first GSS edition, IAAC experts and students have been digitally connected, exchanging and sharing expertise in an extraordinary global learning environment of innovators and educators.

For the 2022 edition we are presenting a new and flexible workshops model, enriching our digital routes within an agile format. The GSS22 offers 3 online courses and 1 presential workshop at IAAC Barcelona exploring the impact of the latest digital tools in the definition of a new Advanced Architecture at different scales. This new GSS program will be a celebration of future education dealing with the challenges of the new world reshaping our cities, architecture and technology.

Each participant can now trace a personal path in this dynamic format, picking between single or more online modules and the presential workshop at IAAC. Every GSS course will be run by IAAC faculties and alumni, allowing students to interact, develop projects, fabricate together and participate in Global Lectures meeting international experts of the AEC industry.

Join the GSS22 online and presential educational summer program!

Students and Professionals can decide to apply to 1 or more GSS courses investigating Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, Urban Analytics and Environmental Design.

Here is the list of workshops:

Computational Design online workshop

// July 4th-7th

Introducing machine learning by exploring practical applications within the architectural domain.

> Visit Computational Design Workshop


Digital Fabrication presential workshop at IAAC 

// July 10th-15th

Learning how to design, prototype, apply digital fabrication and parametric design.

> Visit Digital Fabrication workshop


Urban Analytics online workshop

// July 18th-21st

Representing cities through big data mapping driving a new urban fabric and patterns solutions.

> Visit Urban Analytics workshop


Environmental Design online workshop

// July 25th-28th

Learning computational modelling and simulation towards environmental design and sustainability.

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Learn more about the GSS22 new edition!

>GSS Lead Coordinator: Laura Ruggeri

> GSS CD workshop: David Andres Leon, Hesham Shawqy

> GSS Digital Fabrication: Rodrigo Aguirre, Ashkan Foroughi

>GSS UA workshop: Iacopo Neri, Eugenio Bettucchi

>GSS ED workshop: Oana Taut, Daniel Sorial