IAAC Co-Founder and Urban Sciences Lab Director Willy Müller takes part in the 2nd Jeju International Architecture Forum entitled ‘City and Tourism: Post Tourism for Sustainability’. 

The Korean island of Jeju has been experiencing a population growth and the sides effects of ‘overtourism”: the local identity and life quality degradation for locals. For this reason, Jeju is currently seeking a way towards becoming a sustainable city by bringing together the world’s most capable architects, urban planners and civil engineering experts in the island for the 2nd edition of the International Architecture Forum.

Willy Müller, co-founder of IAAC and director of the Urban Sciences Lab, will participate on Friday, November 30th with the conference entitled “X Urban Paradigms for 21st Century”. In this talk, Müller will address the concept of “urban paradigm” and the need to confront any problem faced by cities through a model that not only provides solutions but also raises questions. According to the research developed at IAAC’s Urban Sciences Lab,  urban industrial models of the twentieth century are beginning to collapse in the face of an unprecedented demographic, cultural and technological context.

Willy Muller at Jeju International Architecture Forum

Recursive anomalies of all kinds are emerging: public transport has severe operational shortcomings, private mobility systems generate more urban traffic jams than ever before, infrastructures are becoming obsolete at a rapid pace, housing stock is insufficient, ecological disasters are becoming more usual and sea-level rise threatens to be irreversible. In this context, Willy Müller will present at the conference taking place in Jeju Architecture Forum the 10 new urban paradigms that operate in different dimensions of the city and are presented as resilient vectors oriented towards a century in which cities are called to be the main players.

Session Title
X Urban Paradigms for XXI Century
November 30th (Fri) 2018, 11:00-12:00