IAAC will be one of the special guests at 2018 ACADIA’s Mexico City Conference taking place in the Universidad Iberoamericana from October 18–20.

brings together researchers and experts who push the boundaries of architecture through design and computation. Under the title of RECALIBRATION: on imprecision and infidelity, this year’s annual ACADIA conference is held at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) educational programmes led by Academic Director Areti Markopoulou were awarded 2018 ACADIA’s Innovative Academic Programme Award of Excellence last April.


The ACADIA 2018 event aims to re-calibrate the discourse of computational design research by attempting to build a cross-border dialogue between art, computing and technology-driven communities and re-examine boundaries to provide a moment of self-reflection in the field of architecture and computation. This year the conference in Mexico City emphasizes the precision of the digital tools used for architectural design (robots, digital fabrication, BIM) and excessive precision that forces to obsessively control any outcome.


The conference wants to bring together the different sensibilities in the field of computational design and wants to contribute to the dialogue aimed at promoting a redefinition of traditional tools and processes in the field of experimentation and production.

ACADIA 2018 Awards Conference in Mexico City