The last 13th of November the Gallina Blanca Company organised an international workshop in Barcelona with a group of marketing professionals in order to produce some innovating ideas related with the Gallina Blanca main products and concepts.

Gallina Blanca Workshop


They worked together with 6 designers from the Fab Lab Barcelona team to achieve the design about different kind of product ideas.

This activity consisted in an intensive workshop where designers received, after a brainstorming from the marketing team, all the feedback and ideas for the new brand. Also one of the objectives was to involve quick decisioning in getting from an idea to an object using the 3D print technology and how can marketing activate the creative product making.

The fab lab team was conformed by: Anya Popova, Chirag Rangholia, Robert Garita, Lana Awad, Moritz Begle and Marc Gispert (not in the picture).