On June 7th – 8th 2019, IAAC will join Fixing the Future, a gathering of changemakers organized by Atlas of the Future at the CCCB in Barcelona to discuss and shape our world’s future. Coming from many different fields – architecture, gastronomy, energy, etc. – these change makers will explain how they are already working to fix the future.

As we are currently experiencing the backlash of climate change, many of our social and economic behaviours need to be rethought to be more respectful of the environment. This necessary transition impacts many sectors: food, farming, construction, energy, etc. We need to adjust anti-social and anti-environmental behaviours creating new ways to use the Earth’s resources if we are to build a world that is livable tomorrow.

Many people across the planet have already taken up this task trying, in their day-to-day life, to preserve the biodiversity, protect the oceans and the mountains, produce food, farm and build cities in a more eco-friendly way. For two days, Atlas of the future will give them the floor to inspire others through showcasing their multiple initiatives to save the planet.

Whether they are chefs, farmers or architects, these key speakers all have something in common: their will to make a difference to shape now a better future for everyone. For many years now, IAAC has been committed to shape a better future for cities and a sustainable continuity for architecture through technology and innovation. The Institute will therefore naturally take part into this gathering with the presence of the “Future City Prototyper” Vicente Guallart – former Chief Architect of Barcelona City Council and co-founder of IAAC – and the “City Reinventor” Areti Markopoulou among the speakers. Together, they will provide some insights and share best practices to smartly face the future challenges of our planet.


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