FabLab Barcelona was invited to be part of the course Associative modelling advanced and 3D printing that is part of the MArch Urban Design at the The Bartlett | Bartlett School of Architecture(UCL Faculty of the Built Environment).

Fab Lab BCN at the Bartlett School of Architecture


The MArch Urban Design programme offers a large number of research-focused design units, all of which allow students to pursue a rigorous professional approach to architecture within a highly speculative and creative context.


Associative modelling advanced and 3D printing Workshop | 20 Students + Grasshopper + Weaverbird / Makerbot 2x.

Students followed step by step algorithmic model production and parametric meshing with weaverbird.
In the advanced design session students assigned physics to models as well as generated text and colour as performance indexing.
Introduction of ABS and PLA plastic 3d printing with generation of G-code and support structures, software setup and file preparation.
Final sanding, smoothing and colouring for 3D printed models.
Workshop session: Makerware + Maker Bot 2X + Prototyping


MArch Urban | Design Computational and Media Courses Programme
Course Coordinator: Claudia Pasquero.
Course Tutors/Consultants: Iker Mugarrra Flores, Immanuel koh
Workshop Tutor: Iker Mugarra Flores
IAAC/Fab Lab BCN_Gest Tutor: Robert Garita
IAAC/Fab Lab BCN_Assistant: Moe Begle.