The first exercise of the workshop was to hack a T-shirt interventing with adding, subsracting, reassembling an every day T-shirt using the tecnology offered by the lab.
3D printing, Laser Cutting, Rastering, Digital Embroidery and Sewing were used.

Fab Textiles V1 Workshop

laser cut T-shirt

rastering the pieces to be added on the cut T-shirt

Using resine to create different textures

Plastic laser cut board to create the screen print

3d printed parts for adding on the T-shirt

Raster Image on suede

laser cut patron for a t-shirt (Using Grasshopper definition to create circles from image)

The second task was to design a wearable garment by digitalizing a pattern design to Rhinoceros, making the changes and laser cutting the whole piece.

Material library and Catalogue of laser cut configurations

The third part was to make a project using electronics. The project was to make a triangulated bag of felt, unrolling the surface and laser cutting in. We used magnets, battery 9V and leds to make a bag that when you open it, it lights up!

Making a bag light up when you open it! Testing Wifi connection for wearables

With these introductory workshop the Fab Lab is opening an innovative research field, trying to combine fashion design with digital technologies and collaborations with fashion experts. The Fab-textiles is a ongoing research with a repeating event every month.
V2 workshop with focus more on smart reactive materials and embedded electronics.

During the workshop

Bordado Digital

People involved:
Anastasia Pistofidou, Mariantonia Campos Arevalo, Coral Martinez (organizing team)
Arian Hakiminejad, Santi Fuentemilla (grasshopper experts)
Guillem Camprodon(programming electronics expert)
Anya Popova, Elena Del Cerro, Marilo Sanchez Garcia