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Academy Structure

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The Fab Academy is a 5-month program offered between January and June every year.

The Fab Diploma is awarded to those students who complete all of the Fab Academy Certificates. Each Certificate covers a specific technical topic (see the list below) aimed at vocational and technical training.  Both the certificates and the diploma are accredited by the Fab Academy.

Academy Structure

Fab Academy Certificates provide familiarity with technical options and capabilities, hands-on experience, and direction for further study.  Each Certificate typically requires 1-2 weeks. They are combined in the Diploma, which is roughly comparable to completing MIT’s rapid-prototyping course “How To Make (almost) Anything”. Progress is evaluated by skills and projects rather than time or credits.

Diploma / Individual Fab Academy Certificates:

  1. digital fabrication principles and practices – 1 week
  2. computer-aided design, manufacturing, and modelling – 1 week
  3. computer-controlled cutting – 1 week
  4. electronics design and production – 2 weeks
  5. computer-controlled machining – 1 week
  6. embedded programming – 1 week
  7. 3D moulding and casting – 1 week
  8. collaborative technology development and project management – 1 week
  9. 3D scanning and printing – 1 week
  10. sensors, actuators, and displays – 2 weeks
  11. interface and application programming – 1 week
  12. embedded networking and communications – 1 week
  13. machine design – 2 weeks
  14. digital fabrication applications and implications – 1 week
  15. invention, intellectual property, and business models – 1 week
  16. digital fabrication project development – 2 weeks

Check the Fab Academy content archive for more information: http://academy.cba.mit.edu