Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC has been recognised by the Financial Times, Google and leading European policymakers as one of 100 digital pioneers in Europe.

Led by Tomás Díez, the Fab Lab Barcelona has been included in a special report from the Financial Times Europe’s Road to Growth, highlighting not only its role as a technological and digital innovator but also for its contribution in applying technology to solve community problems and social challenges.

Since its creation in 2007, Fab Lab Barcelona has worked from the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona to bring new technologies and, in particular, digital manufacturing tools to citizens in order to promote a more sustainable and self-sufficient model of production and consumption. Beyond a model, the aim is to promote a new economy that requires less transport, mass consumption and helps to take care of the environment. In recent years this vision has been pursued on a large scale, with the pioneering initiative Fab City (which now includes 28 countries, regions and cities around the world) led to a large extent from Barcelona.

The Financial Times report highlights the commitment and effort dedicated to creating a network of self-sufficient cities by 2054 as well as the work of the centre in encouraging the presence of makers in local communities to encourage new production and consumption models, and empower citizens to create (almost) anything. After this recognition, Díez stated that the idea of fostering Fab Cities around the globe “unlike say, smart cities, it is not competitive but a collaborative effort, where cities can share information, innovations and technology to change destructive, passive consumer habits”

The achievement was celebrated at an event at Google’s Digital Atelier in Brussels, where EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel congratulated all the winners, alongside Matt Brittin, President of Business & Operations for Google Europe, Middle East, & Africa.

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