Do not miss the chance to take part in the OuiShare and Fab Lab Barcelona Workshop with Joe Justice: “Como la fabricación Agile Extrema creará innovación disruptiva” in your own sector!

Wikispeed builds ultra efficient cars with seven days development cycles using agile methodologies. Those methodologies include several aspects, for example about managing distributed teams – like with SCRUM – or methods to ensure an high quality bar and focused work – much like Extreme programming and Test Driven Development as part of XP – that Team Wikispeed reworked for the manufacturing process labeling it Extreme Manufacturing.

Extreme Manufacturing Workshop


Date(s) – 01/10/2012
15h00min – 18h30min

FabLab Barcelona


During the workshop Joe Justice will explain the use of Extreme Manufacturing in Team Wikispeed and then you will have the chance to apply the same concepts and methodologies to your own context (corporate innovation, small hardware/design startup, service based startup, NGO, education, etc…).

The workshop will be useful for you to understand how manufacturing, consumption, education, etc. are fated to change in coming years if, as Joe says, we want to continue living on this planet for a while.

Joe Justice is the ideator of Team Wikspeed: a team of volunteers distributed around the world who recently created a prototype car that is open source, modular and ultra-efficient in just three months, using processes borrowed from software development, the world from which Joe comes from.

To learn more about Joe Justice and Team Wikispeed we recommend reading this interview at Meedabyte and watching his presentation at TEDxRainer.

The Workshop will be hosted at FabLab Barcelona on October 1st 2012 from 15:00 to 18:30 and conducted in English language.

Attendance will be limited to 40 people, to book a place in the workshop visit: