Circular Design for Sustainable Urban Food Systems
Setmana de l’Arquitectura 2020

14th May
@ 16.00, ZOOM platform

Language: English

The “Creative Food Cycles: Circular Design for Sustainable Urban Food Systems” workshop is an event organized by IAAC that arises from its participation in the European project Creative Food Cycles (co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Commission). During the event, architects and designers, experts in “food and circular design”, will discuss the most innovative and creative practices that have been developed in recent times for circular design of sustainable urban food systems and will give a demonstration of how it can be created an object designed from coffee waste.

Workshop agenda:

PART 1: Food production to distribution – Chiara Farinea – IAAC
PART 2: Food distribution to consumption – Giorgia Tucci – LUH
PART 3: Food consumption to disposal – Emanuele Sommariva e Sabrina Sposito – UNIGE
PART 4: Food waste design – Carlo Santulli – UNICAM
PART 5: Presentation of the book “Food waste bioplastics” – Anastasia Pistofidou – FABTEXTILES – IAAC / Fab Lab Barcelona
PART 6: Demonstration of the production of a design object using coffee waste in the home kitchen

The list of the necessary materials and ingredients in case you want to follow the design and production of the object with coffee residues during the demonstration can be found below:

45ml vinagre
50gr corn starch
200ml water
27ml honey
9gr coffee
1 pot
baking paper
icing bag

The workshop is part of the Agenda of the Setmana de l’Arquitectura 2020 and it is organised in the framework of the #CreativeEuropeAtHome initiative of the European Commission, to virtually promote the cultural activities of European projects during the current context of the coronavirus outbreak.
The Creative Food Cycle project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. For more information on the Creative Food Cycles project, please visit