Thursday 22 of May at 7.30pm the European Art Science and Technology Network will be hosted at IAAC for a Performance Presentation entitled Tangibility.

The main purpose of the « European Art Science and Technology Network » (EASTN) Initiative is to contribute to make digital creativity more accessible, by promoting the development of a deep and collective knowledge of the current artistic movements and of theirs tools. Digital technologies play a significant and increasing part in artistic creation, from generating the substance of a work of art to broadcasting it. Nevertheless, because of a profusion of possibilities and because of the speed of evolutions, the inherent concepts of these tools are often overlooked by the general public, and even by the artists themselves. In order to ensure that Europe fully participates in the Cultural Revolution rising from these technologies and that European citizens are encouraged to be more than just isolated consumers, specific actions must be undertaken.

The central theme of 2014?2015 is about Tangibility, which is at the heart of a major evolution in the creative field. Indeed, nowadays, new methods of interaction with the information and with digital medias are proposed, relying more on senses and gestures in a way to connect real and virtual worlds. In this way, the body resumes its predominant place in the act of creation, and the publics are able to achieve a better assimilation and utilization of the digital creation tools.

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