Tim Bruder
Junior Researcher and Designer

Tim Bruder is a designer, architect and researcher operating with complex geometries, bio materials and living matter.

He holds a Master degree from the Computation in Architecture studio at Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and worked for CITA executing several research projects and exhibitions before joining IAAC as a design and fabrication expert in the EU Project Team.

His work focuses on bridging research outcomes with industrial production or speculative scenarios and seeks for the integration of complex design systems both on the level of material and geometry into objects and buildings of different scales. His work includes the development of 3D printed urban furniture pieces exhibited in Barcelona, studies of biophotovoltaic batteries powered by algae and plants, a 3D printed bone glue panelling system, and the speculative approach of using plant roots as a material composite on an architectural scale.

He gave workshops at CITA studio and the University of Pennsylvania, thematizing the conceptual development and visual representation of new material ecologies with natural processes such as decay and growth.