Theodoros Galanos
MaAI Generative AI Advisor

Theodore has been working at the intersection of AI and Design for the last 6 years with a passion for creating AI solutions that generate, extract, and communicate design intelligence. An engineer and computational designer by trade, he quickly turned to AI to solve many of the frustrations of the modern design process. He co-developed and co-founded InFraRed, the world’s first AI-driven, urban performance design solution, where he serves as Chief Scientific Officer. He is the creator of Architext, the world’s first semantic generation model for architecture.  He is currently the Generative AI Lead at Aurecon, with a goal to create AI solutions that help optimise design, planning, and delivery processes while fostering collaboration and ensuring people are at the centre of this transformation. He is an active contributor to the open source AI community and a PhD candidate at the Institute of Digital Games, in the University of Malta.