Secil Afsar
Fabrication Laboratory Assistant

Secil Afsar graduated from Koc University’s Chemical and Biological Engineering department in 2016 with a half scholarship. Following her graduation, she worked as a process development engineer at an H2020-funded biotechnology company for two years. Her work focused on generating a special enzyme mix from microorganisms for hydrolysis experiments on paper sludge waste, transforming it into an efficient intermediate product for use as a carbon source in biogas production and as fertilizer as a by-product. She also participated in a research project to utilize this hydrolyzed paper sludge waste as a cement substitute in mortar to support green technology materials. Meanwhile, she contributed to H2020 SME Phase 1 and 2 applications, took part in the Invest Istanbul Scientific Entrepreneurship program, and was a member of the Cleantech Open Global finalist group. Driven by her interest in sustainable built environments, she pursued a Master’s degree in Biodigital Architecture at the International University of Catalonia. During her studies, she interned at Fab Lab Barcelona, enhancing her skills in computational design-integrated fabrication technologies. She also joined European projects such as Foodshift and Siscode as a product developer. As part of the Remix el Barrio team within Siscode, they won the Grand Prize – Innovative Collaboration at Ars Electronica, along with a 20,000 euro award. After completing her internship, Secil began teaching as an Associate Professor in her Master’s program at UIC Barcelona focusing on 3D printing with biocomposites. Currently, she is pursuing her doctoral degree at UIC Barcelona in Architecture and working as a fabrication laboratory assistant at IAAC, specializing in robotic fabrication and biomaterials for design and architecture. Throughout her career, she has co-authored various book chapters and academic articles.