Sascha Bohnenberger

The Managing Director of one of the world’s top engineering consultancies. Sascha works with artists, designers and architects to help solve their problems, and the greater problems of international cities. He’ll connect you to industry, teach you how to work in cross-collaboration and with interdisciplinary design teams.

As the Managing Director for BollingerGrohmann Engineers, a consulting engineering company that specialises in structural design, façade design and sustainability, he’s well equipped to teach you how to analyse complex geometries, and effectively communicate and collaborate with engineers and architects alike. Sascha possesses a strong sense of curiosity, an open mind and the desire to collaborate and contribute to sustainable design, and he’ll nurture these qualities in you.

Lean on his expertise in the analysis of complex geometries with interactive systems, digital design processes and the materiality of the built environment. Soak up his industry knowledge. Gain an understanding through testing and experiments in both the digital and physical world. Sascha will equip you with digital and computational tools, and immerse you in hands-on experiments.