Ryan Luke Johns
MRAC Faculty // GREYSHED Studio, PhD candidate at Gramazio Kohler Research - ETH Zurich

Ryan Luke Johns is an architectural designer and programmer focused on augmented materiality and context-aware fabrication. He is currently a PhD candidate at Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich, where he works on developing algorithms for large scale automated construction with found objects. He has taught as a lecturer in the Princeton University School of Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Vassar College, and as an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia GSAPP. Ryan is co-founder of GREYSHED, a design-research studio with internationally published and exhibited work, including the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale, the 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture, and the 2019 Hong Kong Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with a concentration in Mathematics from Columbia University (2009) and a Master of Architecture from Princeton University (2013).