Oriol Carrasco
MAA Faculty

Oriol Carrasco is an architect, March in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture.

After his studies, Oriol started working as a junior architect until 2009 when he established SMD Arquitectes: his own architecture and research studio, where he is professionally engaged in the application of contemporary workflows with digital tools into architectural projects. Two years later they move to SMDlab, the research lab of SMD, where they have digital manufacturing tools for being able to develop prototypes of bits and pieces for design projects.

Starts his teaching career as an assistant in workshops in IaaC, Hyperbody Group TU Delft and UEMv. At present time, he teaches in IED Barcelona, IaaC and EsArq-UIC. Has a declared interest in the construction process / manufacturing and prefabrication with techniques of digital fabrication of anything that has been produced with digital tools. Has a special interest in reproducing complex geometries in architectural projects and be able to add / extract data from them.