Nariddh Khean
MaCT Seminar Faculty

Nariddh is a PhD candidate at the City Intelligence Lab, interested in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence models as web platforms. In particular, he focuses his efforts at the intersection of how AI models can best be positioned for the most effective uptake by those in the architecture industry.
He has studied computational design and philosophy at the University of New South Wales, conducted internships at Architectus and Arup, and is currently undergoing his PhD studies at the Austrian Institute of Technology and the Bauhaus University, Weimar.
His PhD research efforts have been toward the Intelligent Framework for Resilient Design (InFraReD), a web platform that offers predictions for microclimate urban simulations powered by deep learning. Through his research, Nariddh hopes to contribute to a future where every architect and designer has the power, efficiency, and omnipotence of AI-enhanced tools at their fingertips.