Marc Garcia
Green Fab Lab Manager

Graduated in Mechanical engineering by the ESEIAAT UPC, he combined his studies with jobs in different companies. He worked as a mechanical designer and responsible for the management system in Mecanitzats Garfol, as an industrial designer for can tooling in Hyperion M&T, as a jewelry designer in Miró Complements, or as an intern in the design and quality department of Cosmic Industries. Also, in all of these companies, he was in charge of the management of the 3D printing machines, designing and launching new pieces, but also implementing new equipment and working on their correct maintenance.

Furthermore, during his free time, he has worked, and he is still working as a volunteer in different associations, mainly in “Minyons Escoltes i Guies de Catalunya” and in “Bergwald Projekt Catalunya”.

To sum up, He is an engineering, design, music, craft, and nature lover who wants to share his experience and learn from the experience of everyone who finds on the way.