Laura Guimarães
Urban Science Lab Manager

Laura Guimarães is a Brazilian architect and urbanist, with a Master’s Degree in City & Technology from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. She is currently the Urban Science Lab Manager.

Prior to coming to Barcelona, she worked as an urban planner in Brazil, firstly in a city government entity in charge of mobility projects and later as an Urban Planner and Project Coordinator at one of the most renowned urban design and planning offices in the country. Her expertise in Masterplans and large scale projects was complemented by another perspective of urban studies, brought by a masters degree which focuses on the intersection between urbanism and data science.

Laura’s investigations are oriented towards a combined data-driven and human-centered approach to urban development, based on informed decisions through the use of both digital analysis and citizen participation. Her final graduation project, an Urban Regeneration of Campus 1 in Goiânia, Brazil, represents the first step of this research, and was awarded in the National Competition of Architecture and Urbanism’s Graduation Projects (29th Ópera Prima) for the years 2017-2018.