Gregory Quinn

Dr Gregory Quinn is an architectural engineer in constant pursuit of design that improves the human experience. He’s particularly interested in specialist and lightweight structures, structural design and formfinding. Gregory has worked as a structural engineer for Arup, and as a freelance consultant for Atelier One and Bollinger + Grohmann. He brings international experience and an injection of energy to architectural engineering at Swinburne. ?

Gregory cares about people and the environment. Humanitarian crises are close to his heart. His desire to deliver structures that help maintain personal dignity amid devastation – by providing larger spaces where families can gather, practice their faith and find emotional healing is being realised through his SheltAir design. SheltAir’s elastic gridshell design is inspired by traditional Bedouin tents and erected pneumatically. Put simply, this curved, lightweight structure is quick to manufacture and efficient to erect – it snaps into place using the very air we breathe.