Gergana Rusenova

Gergana is a Lecturer in Architecture, her work includes interdisciplinary research projects and teaching computational design and digital fabrication. She obtained her PhD degree in Zurich, Switzerland with the Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication, under the guidance of Prof. F. Gramazio and Prof. M. Kohler. Her doctoral research was formed upon the discovery of a novel building material system that enables the construction of fully recyclable architectural elements. Gergana’s focus was on observations of the material system’s behaviour under load and the development of material – and fabrication-informed design processes.

Prior to her doctoral research, Gergana graduated the Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH) program at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, under the supervision of Prof. A. Menges and Prof. J. Knippers. Gergana gained practical experience in Germany working for the engineering offices Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering and SL Rasch Special and Lightweight Structures, as well as for the architectural office Prof. W. Kergassner.