Federica Ciccone
Head of the Grants Management Department

Architect, urban planner, and designer Federica focuses her research on new approaches for Strategic and Sustainable Planning, Environment, and Landscape Architecture.
Drawing from a diverse and interdisciplinary skill set, she built on herself variegated and multidisciplinary expertise, primarily based on three axes: Project Research Development and Management, Urban and Architectural Design, and Photography.

Her academic background, coupled with her unwavering passion for international development, have been the driving forces behind her career trajectory.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture and then a Master’s in City and Technology at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC, Spain), both with Distinction. Federica’s research projects have been showcased in prestigious venues, including the MAXXI Museum and Venice Biennale. Her involvement in Urban and Landscape Environmental Projects and Public Spaces Creative-Innovative Activation Strategies, from the Editorial and Educational point of view, has led to the successful coordination of research at the European and National levels of funding, building a flexible and international profile with a positive and goal-oriented attitude.

Throughout her career in IAAC, Federica has held various roles of increasing responsibility, each contributing to her deep understanding of grant management, international relations, and organizational leadership. She has successfully highlighted significant achievements.
She is currently Head of the Grants Management Department, running several International and National fundings, and Grants Specialist and EU Project Financial Controller at IAAC and FabLabBarcelona. She works closely with interdisciplinary teams of researchers, industry partners, academies, and funding agencies, running innovative research projects that push the boundaries of architectural knowledge and practice.

She is responsible for coordinating, managing, preparing, following up, and justifying H2020, national-funded programs, and other European ones, such as H2020, HE. Creatives Europe and Platforms, Erasmus+, overseeing numerous initiatives and research, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in navigating the complex landscape of international grant funding, working closely with stakeholders across sectors and ensuring effective implementation of grant-funded projects, leading a talented team of professionals, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and accountability.
Alongside this, she’s following her personal research in photography regarding the reflection on human behavior in mutable urban contexts, analyzing the impact of human transformations on the environmental sphere.