Federica Ciccone
EU Projects Financial Manager

Architect, urban planner, and designer, Federica focuses her research in the sphere of new approaches for Strategic and Sustainable Planning, Environment, and Landscape Architecture. She built on herself variegated and multidisciplinary expertise, primarily based on 3 axes: Project and Research Development and Management.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s in City and Technology at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC, Spain) both with Distinction. Federica also built part of her personal research with experiences at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit-UCL and the Thessaly University of Landscape Architecture, among others; some of her research projects were exhibited in renowned venues, including the MAXXI museum and Venice Biennale.
Involved above all in Urban and Landscape Environmental Projects and Public Spaces Creative-Innovative Activation Strategies, also under the Editorial and Educational point of view, she coordinated research at European and National level of funding, building in these years a flexible and international profile with a positive and goal-oriented attitude.

She is currently working as Grant Specialist and EU Project Financial Manager at IAAC and FabLabBarcelona, taking responsibility for coordination, management, preparation, and follow-up of H2020, National funded programs, and other European ones as Creative Europe or Erasmus+.