Federica Ciccone
Federica Ciccone
EU Projects Assistant

Federica Ciccone is an Italian Architect that focused her research in the sphere of Strategic and Sustainable Planning, Environment and Landscape Architecture.

Graduated with honour in 2015, developing a final research thesis regarding Strategic Plan Proposals for critical landscapes, rural and peripheral areas. She obtained a Master in City & Technology at IAAC in 2017, winning the “Digital Citizens& Empowerment Award” with a strategic mobility plan, and participating in several research projects related with information and communication technologies in the urban environments.

Federica collaborated on various projects of Design, Sustainable Planning, Landscape Architecture and Research, with different partners and Institutions.

She was the Graphic Developer and Artistic Director for the IAAC research “Rome Agri/Fab City, a productive landscape for self-sufficient Metropolis”, promoted by the MAXXI foundation and the Office for the Urban Transformation of the City of Rome (2015).

Her interest in the field of Landscape Architecture and Environment consists of research and studies’ experiences with the University of Thessaly, UCL DPU.S.Lab of Bartlett, University of Applied Arts of Wien and Unirc.

She collaborated as a photographer with the Biennale of Landscape, for The Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize and Exhibition, Reshape-Programmable Skins and IAAC Communication Department.

She’s collaborating with Noumena design. research. education s.l. since 2016 and she was part of the team of IAAC Visiting Programmes, as coordinator of Global Summer School 2017; a platform defined by ambitious, multi-scalar investigation on the implications of emergent techniques in our planned environments, in which international teams located in key cities around the globe exploring a common agenda with projects that are deeply embedded in diverse local conditions.

Federica is currently part of the IAAC-Advanced Architecture Group, EU Projects Department, specifically involved in Urban and Landscape Projects and Public Spaces Activation Strategies.

Alongside this, she’s following her personal research in photography regarding the reflection in human behaviour of mutable urban contexts and on the analysis of the human transformations’ impact on the environmental sphere.