Fabio Capra Ribeiro
MAEBB academic coordinator / MAEBB faculty

Fabio Capra Ribeiro graduated second of his class in a five-year program in Architecture allowing him to participate in a four-year Master’s in Science in Architectural Design, both at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He started to teach in the same institution in 2009, becoming Assistant Professor in 2013 and Associate Professor in 2019. During these years, he acted as Coordinator of the Master’s in Urban Design and then as Director of the School of Architecture Carlos Raúl Villanueva. During his 11 years as a university professor, Fabio has taught a wide array of architectural and urban design studios, as well as research methodology and representation courses. He has also supervised several graduate, postgraduate and PhD thesis.

His research is focused on social, spatial and environmental justice and his explorations include kinetic works, mostly done as digital drawings and fused glass pieces that have been presented in several individual and group exhibitions. Furthermore, he finished a PhD in Urbanism in 2019 at the Università IUAV di Venezia (Italy) with a research about government, infrastructure and environment in the urban regions on the Global South; an adaptation of this research has been published by Routledge as his first book.

Additionally, he holds two one-year postgraduate diplomas. The first one focused in project management, which complements many years of experience in academic administration. The second one dedicated to teaching in higher education, which became the beginning of an intensive path in e-learning where Fabio has become an expert and promoter. In this same line, he created the Blog Signature Digital Training and is currently working as a professor of the Master’s in Information and Technology applied to Education at the VIU – Valencia International University.