Emma Costa
MaCT Theory Guest Faculty

Emma Costa Argemi is a Catalan Engineer, whose work focuses on accelerating the development and acceptance of a green and sustainable mobility. She has been working since 2015 at Bayern Innovativ GmbH, the innovation agency of the Bavarian Government, as project manager for E-mobility. She has actively participated in several European projects, like CEGC and ultra-E, for the deployment of an innovative fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, that will enable 100% electric long-distance driving in Europe. She is co-author of several studies about the technical requirements, business models, user expectations and policies for charging infrastructure. Her current research focuses on the development and test of sustainable mobility solutions for cities, with special interest in e-mobility hubs, i.e. physical clusters of electric and shared mobility services. Not only the technical but also the human factor is what determines the success and adoption of a new technology. Therefore, she dedicates part of her work to understand people’s mobility needs, to comprehend their possible reluctance to behavioural change and to clear out existing misconceptions about E-mobility. Her aim is to bring more light into the current information jungle in order to empower people to consciously opt for an environmentally friendlier mobility. During her working career, Emma worked in Vietnam, Spain and Germany in several international projects for technology transfer. She studied Telecommunication Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona and holds a Master in Asian Studies from the Open University of Catalonia.