Elisabet Roselló
Elisabet Roselló
MDEF Faculty

Elisabet Roselló is a strategic innovation consultant and researcher specialised on social and cultural trends scanning and its appliance on business and innovation, and futures/Strategic Foresight. She is one of the Becoming studio co-founders, and currently the Project Leader of Govup at Kreab. Also is developing the platform project known as Postfuturear, on Futures Studies research and dissemination for different Spanish audiences. She has worked as a trend and offline user experience analyst, and innovation researcher for creative agencies, universities (IGOP-UAB, IN3-UOC), and public institutions. Also as cultural curator and project manager for the Barcelona Mini Maker Faire 2014. She is lecturer occasionally in different educative institutions as IED Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona, BAU Escola de Disseny, among others, and had collaborated in different media, from CCCBLab to RNE4.

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