Daniil Koshelyuk
MaCT Faculty

Daniil Koshelyuk is a computational designer, creative coder, and architect holding a Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Advanced Architecture (MAA02) from IAAC. Daniil has been working with interactive installations, merging physical computing and computational design tools; mixed reality projects in a range of applications from product design to urban analysis; and teaching and assisting seminars and workshops in computational design, physical computing, and mixed reality. In his career, Daniil has been exploring situations where, in a broad sense of the words, physical and digital layers intersect. His interests center around creating smarter, more responsive, and interactive environments by digitally enhancing architecture, creating tools for unconventional interactivity, and managing and designing complex systems. In 2023 Daniil Koshelyuk joined IAAC as MaCT Faculty.