Chiara Dall'Olio
Chiara Dall’Olio
MDEF Coordinator / Fab Academy Global Coordination Assistant

Chiara Dall’Olio is an architect, expert in urban planning. Master in Architecture at UNIFE (Ferrara, Italy) in 2005, Master in Urban and Territorial Planning at UPM (Madrid) in 2011, and Master in City and Technology at IAAC (Barcelona) in 2016.

Since 2006 Chiara has been based in Spain, where she has been working as an urban designer with architectural offices in different cities (Madrid, Burgos and Barcelona), taking part in many projects and competitions.

She has professional experience on several scales: from regional planning to small urban projects. She is especially interested in transdisciplinary urbanism and multiscalar urban interventions, supported by innovation design tools and the use of advanced technologies.

In 2016, Chiara joined IAAC – Fab Lab Barcelona, as part of the Making Sense Project (Horizon 2020 EU Project) and she is currently MDEF Coordinator and part of the Fab Academy Global Coordination Team.