Byron Cadena
Architectural/Urban Designer and Researcher

Byron Cadena is an Ecuadorian architect, urban planner, and data analyst with a Master’s Degree in City & Technology from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and a Master’s Degree in Visual Analytics & Big Data from the International University of La Rioja (UNIR). He is an architectural, urban designer and researcher at Urban Science Lab at IAAC.

With several years worth of experience, he has worked as an associate and senior architect in various prestige architect studios around the world with specializations in residential projects, landscape, and public space design, and developing plans in different territorial scales.

Since his university years, he has been a co-founder of Colectivo Social Habitar in Ecuador and ABC Studio. His work as an architect has been recognized in various occasions, winning several awards and distinctions. He specializes in how to use tools to redefine analysis, planning, and architectural design to face challenges in 21st-century cities. His work offers vivid experiences in the design of digitally improved urban environments, ensuring they remain environmentally friendly and focusing on the development of their inhabitants.