Ardeshir Talaei
MaCAD / MAA02 Faculty
Ardeshir Talaei, born in Mashhad, Iran, is a BIM coordinator, computational designer, and digital fabrication expert, holding master’s degrees in “Advanced Architecture” and “Robotics and Advance Construction” both from IAAC (Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia). He has worked at multiple architectural firms and construction companies and has coordinated multiple mega-scale projects in all architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines. He has also as well worked in digital fabrication and research centers as a computational designer, hardware developer, and fabrication expert. In addition, he has also contributed to the development of multiple projects as a software developer, developing geometric, computer-vision, and AR plugins and libraries. His main fields of research include computational-design, robotics, AI, and BIM and their applications in design, fabrication, and construction.