Creative Urban Farming Workshop
4 – 6 May 2019 | BARCELONA, SPAIN
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia 

Today, we have accessibility to products coming from anywhere in the world, all year round. However, it is questionable whether the quality of these products is healthy, and whether the process to produce and distribute them is sustainable, as food production and distribution involves a complex set of economic activities, exchanges (digital and physical) and human behaviours that all sharply affect the living conditions of the planet and its inhabitants.

Design, through the development of creative and innovative products and services, has the potential to enhance and boost sustainable food production and distribution, and food-related social and cultural processes and practices. In this regard, one of the main questions that architects, designers and creatives are called to respond is: how can we integrate food production and distribution in an urban environment, enhancing participatory processes?

Creative Urban Farming Workshop will investigate how design, based on creativity and new technologies, can help to boost participatory food production in the urban environment in a pro-active and productive way, and through diverse scales. We aim to develop innovative urban food production systems prototypes, sharing knowledge with citizens, architects, designers and artists on how to build creative cultivation systems.

Workshop participants will learn about digital fabrication targeted at the creation of site-specific prototypes for food production, responding to local environmentalsocial and economic conditions. Each participant group will realize one 1:1 scale prototype for food production in an urban environment.

Creative Urban Farming Workshop

Participation in the Creative Urban Farming Workshop is free of charge. The Creative Urban Farming Workshop is part of the Creative Food Cycles (CFC) project co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The workshop is led by IAAC Barcelona and supported by LUH Hannover and UNIGE Genova.

To register to complete the following matchform by the 5th of April 2019:


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Matchform submission deadline: 5th of April 2019
Communication of acceptance: 10th of April 2019
Workshop: 4th, 5th and 6th of May 2019