The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) presents the digital installation “Connected Ecologies” in the framework of the Model Barcelona Architectures Festival 2023. The installation, winner of the Digital Architecture Model Award, developed by Mathilde Marengo, IAAC Head of Studies, Iacopo Neri, IAAC Alumni and Faculty in Computational Urban Design and Daniela Figueroa Claros, is a web based platform that will allow the visitors of the MODEL Festival to navigate a sensorial experience of ecological connectivity in Barcelona through their geolocation. The platform, available in Catalan and English, will be accessible from April 20th to 30th, 2023.

As we build the future of our cities, the challenges we face continue to evolve in their complexity, nature, scale and impact. More people will be living in cities or urbanised areas and how these will be spatially, materially, environmentally, socially, is yet to be determined. Connected Ecologies aims to explore diverse possible futures for Barcelona through a digital installation that connects visitors to a sonar experience narrated through first-person perspectives, projecting them into the future from the present.

By connecting to the future, visitors are invited to reflect on the challenges, risks, and new beauties they might encounter in these futures. The installation aims to create awareness of the possible impacts and effects of climate change within our urban environments, fostering empathy with beings from the future and the facts of the present. Additionally, Connected Ecologies aims to socialize the actions that the city of Barcelona, within the context of the European Union, is taking, as well as opening users to projects and initiatives being actuated across the globe, collected in the Atlas of the Future, all working towards climate change adaptation.

To experience Connected Ecologies, visitors are invited to connect through the sonic portal located in Gran Clariana park. Headphones are required to fully immerse in the experience and question what the future might hold. Join us and see what you can discover about the possible futures of Barcelona.


Mathilde Marengo (Ideation, Research, Web, Development)
Iacopo Neri (Ideation, Research, Web, Development)
Daniela Figueroa Claros (Research, Graphic Design, Audio Production)
Kriti Bhavesh Nirmal (Research, Narrative Support)

English Voices
Andrea Tivadar – Gaia
Edward J. Bentley – Kai
Iacopo Neri – Eolos
Mathilde Marengo – Echo
Valeria Gonzalez Gomez – Ember

Catalan Voices
Daniel Llavines – Echo
Dídac Torrent Martínez – Eolos
Guillem Camprodon – Kai
Valeria Gonzalez Gomez – Gaia
Silvia Brandi – Ember

Technical Support
Alice Puleo & Erica Lago (Communication)
Daniel Llavines (Translation)
Alex Mademochoritis (Recording)

Areti Markopoulou, Silvia Brandi, Chiara Farinea, Luciana Asinari, Niccolò Battilana, Sarine Bekarian, Sara Bosch Brinques


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