Building the Future of Construction is a round table organized by IAAC within the framework of the Barcelona Architecture Week, with the aim of bringing together experts from academia, research centers and industry in a debate on the impact of robotics, 3D printing and advanced materials technologies on the future of construction.

The construction sector, which has traditionally been slow in integrating technology, is opening up to digital manufacturing, 3D printing, and robotics. The possibility of printing anything that we have modeled before in our computer, supposes a real change in our conception of the production and the abilities to personalize the final product.

The combination of technological advances in robotics, additive manufacturing, CAD/CAM software and innovative materials will revolutionize the construction sector, reducing production costs and offering the attractive possibility of personalizing the final products that can be built on site or next to it, also allowing the production of high performance buildings.

How do these technologies affect the construction industry?
What limitations and possibilities do they open?
What will be the constructions of the future?


Xavier Planta /  Area Director of Industrial Technologies, EURECAT
Iñigo Calderon / Principal Structural Engineer, TECNALIA
Alexandre Dubor/ OTF Director, IAAC
Jordi Ribatallada/ Manager of Robotics, ABB
Jose Daniel Garcia / Director of Technology Transfer, ACCIONA
Ione Ruete Diaz / Director Barcelona Building Construmat
Aldo Sollazzo / Founding Director, NOUMENA


Areti Markopoulou/ Academic Director, IAAC
Enric Ruiz Geli / Founding Director, Cloud 9

Date: Thursday, 25th of May, from 19:00 to 20:30
Venue: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, C/Pujades 102