The Building Urban Intelligent Living Design Solution (BUILD) project, co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme, launched last week its kick-off meeting at IAAC bringing together educational and industry partners. 


On November 20th, the Building Urban Intelligent Living Design Solution (BUILD) project kick-off meeting took place at IAAC. BUILD, lead by IAAC and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, is targeted at developing a transdisciplinary educational programme bringing together educational institutions and companies in the field of biotech, intelligent design and business.

Advances in science and technology are creating new living and intelligent materials, processes and systems which are turning a growing number of buildings and other urban artefacts into metabolic, breathing organisms. These artefacts are not just efficient and ‘do less harm’, but are actually restorative and ‘give back’ to the environment. Living-intelligent architecture can generate energy, clean water, digest waste and purify the air. The convergence of biotechnology and information technology applied to landscape and urban design may respond to a growing number of social challenges.

“BUILD” aims to fill the gap in the biotechnology sector applied to smart architecture and design by offering an educational programme engaging students, teachers and researchers and providing them with the necessary entrepreneurial skills and connections to bring intelligent living solutions for cities to the market. Solutions which in turn can help us overcome the challenges posed by rapid urbanisation.

BUILD Solutions is a project led by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Spain) and developed in cooperation with Université de Lorraine (France), Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), Ersilia Foundation (Spain), ECONICK (France), Plant-e (Netherlands), City Facilitators (Denmark), GreenTech Challenge (Denmark).