Brian Eno and Evgeni Morozov's Visit to Fab Lab Barcelona

English musician, producer and visual artist Brian Eno and Belorussian writer and researcher Evgeni Morozov visited today the Fab Lab Barcelona by the hand of Fab City Research Lab Director Tomas Diez.

Eno and Morozov are in Barcelona invited by the Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer of Barcelona City Council Francesca Bria for the debate “A Conversation on Technology and Democracy” to be held tonight, 23rd of February in CCCB.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Brian Eno and Evgeny Morozov will draw on a number of recent high-profile political events to discuss the future of capitalism, democracy, and the role of technology in both.

The event is part of the #BITSCCCB series organised by the Barcelona Initiative for Technological Sovereignty (BITS), a panel of Activists, Academics & Universities promoting technological sovereignty.