Alumni of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the Argentinian designer Betiana Pavón, who recently completed the Fabricademy programme, was awarded by the Samsung EGO Innovation Project for her project: Destructive Heads. She will inaugurate the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid (MBFWM) on July 6th 2019.

Betiana Pavón had the opportunity to be awarded 10,000 euros by the Samsung EGO Innovation Project, a contest rewarding innovation in the sector of design and fashion. Created with the goal in mind to promote new designers who understand fashion as a way to express oneself but also as a real cultural discipline that requires constant innovation and reinvention, EGO is a platform for up-and-coming fashion organized bi-annually by IFEMA within the framework of MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID, the leading showcase for the Spanish fashion industry around the world.

Beyond rewarding her original Destructive Heads project, this distinction underlines her creative and innovative skill set. A skill set that she is been developing for a long time and that she chose to take further joining a few years ago the Fabricademy programme; a forward-thinking course offered at Fab Lab Barcelona within IAAC and which aims to redefine the future of textile and fashion through the use of technology and biomaterials.

Therefore deemed as this year’s most innovative project by the Samsung EGO Innovation Project, Deconstructive Heads smartly combines the use of technology and the creativity required in fashion to develop a more functional approach whose main characteristic is to adapt as much for the catwalk than the ready-to-wear. The proposal of Betiana is to design accessories mixing design and electronics to provide users with unique and singular headwear.

Deconstructive Heads is, therefore, one perfect offspring of the successful marriage between computational knowledge and fashion; transforming data into something more esthetic and emotional. Deconstructive Heads was originally inspired by deconstructionism, reflected in organic, geometric and complex forms. This is made possible through connections with optical fibre, enabling via Bluetooth to change the colour of the hats through Led technology for instance.