The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is excited to announce its participation with the documentary ’Protegim les Escoles’ (Protect the Schools) in the upcoming BARQ Festival, that will take place from September 26th to October 1st, 2023, in Barcelona.

The third edition of the BARQ Festival, the Barcelona International Architecture Film Festival, is a celebration of architecture and design from a social perspective, featuring ten full-length films and thirteen national and international short films.

Among the special screenings, IAAC presents ’Protegim les Escoles’, a documentary directed by Jaume Cebolla and produced in collaboration with IAAC and Valldaura. The documentary chronicles the journey of twenty students of the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MAEBB), coming from different corners of the globe, as they face the challenge of improving the surroundings of a new school located within the old Model prison in Barcelona. Students have created an architectural installation with the help of the education community using ecological materials from the Collserola Park.

The project goes beyond architecture; it is an inspiring act of poetic justice, as it transforms a space once associated with repression into a hub of culture and education. It becomes a place where families come together to celebrate their reunions following the challenging period of the pandemic.

This documentary exemplifies IAAC’s commitment to fostering creative and socially impactful architectural endeavors. The screening of ‘Protegim les escoles’ will take place on Thursday, September 28th at 6:00 PM at Cinemas Girona in Barcelona. After the screening, there will be a discussion with the protagonists of the documentary.


Credits: IAAC in association with Ajuntament de Barcelona, Escola Entença, EIT Urban Mobility and Carnet. Produced by Valldaura Labs with MAEBB students with the support of Belloch Forestal, Alberch and Tallfusta. Editor, director of photography, sound design, written and directed by Jaume Cebolla.

Original languages and subtitles: Catalan, English, VOSE (Original Version with Catalan Subtitles). More information here.

The BARQ Festival

The BARQ Festival is the only architecture film festival in Spain and offers a selection of high-quality documentary films from around the world. This cinematographic event has demonstrated its ability to bring current discussions to society through cinema. Since its launch in 2021, promoted by Nihao Films, the BARQ Festival has achieved an average of 20,000 spectators in its editions, demonstrating its ability to generate interest in important institutions in the fields of film and architecture, as well as among new audiences.


Photos © Adrià Goula