Barcelona Maker Faire is a partnership between Sónar+D, SokoTech, IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona & IN(3D)USTRY with the support of the Barcelona City Council. 

Be a part of a new edition of Barcelona Maker Faire and visit us on June 16 & 17. Over 200 local and international makers, being Paris its main 2018 invited city, will display their creations in the Italian Pavilion at Fira Barcelona and CaixaForumMaker Faire originated in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a project of the editors of Make: magazine.

This is an event suitable for all kinds of audiences where a significant selection of the projects of scientists and makers related to the culture of digital innovation will be presented. The projects will be grouped into large areas around some of the major economic and social challenges facing society: food, energy and mobility, advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0, habitat and urbanism, education and learning and the environment and health.

Barcelona Maker Faire 2018

This is an amazing opportunity to share your passion and energy with the citizens of Barcelona and other makers like you! We invite you to submit your project and to extend this invitation to everyone that has an interesting project to share. If you are in Barcelona on 16th – 17th June and you would like to be one of the featured makers please submit your projects and workshops now! The final date to submit your project is 7th May!