The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia celebrates today the great achievement of its Alumnus Firas Safieddine (Master in Advanced Architecture, 2015-17) at the Global AI Summit 2022, where he won the third place in the AI Artathon. The winning project “Spatial AI Ecologies”, authored by Firas and Yasser Sinjab, is an immersive experience that explores AI in creative and collaborative workflows. Rooted in the material basis of intelligence, and how biology, geology, and technology interact, the work utilizes AI algorithms to produce a new “interiority”, expressed as an amalgam of media created using a multi-layered process integrating a diverse set of algorithms.

Firas Safieddine_Global Summit_IAAC Alumni

The Global Al Summit is a two-way conversation that engages a rich dialogue about how Al can solve complex problems, empower businesses, shape our future, and ultimately, transform society. The event gathers the most prominent policy makers, leading investors, thought leaders and innovators in the field today and, in the spirit of co-creation, speakers and participants will be invited to contribute to a vision for Al that will live on beyond the summit.

Firas Safieddine, IAAC Alumnus holding a Master in Advanced Architecture, is a Barcelona-based designer, architect, artist, researcher, and neurotech enthusiast, currently redefining spatial design, given the current technosphere. He is the founder and creative strategist at Spatial Forces and he works as Chief Architect Officer at Gamium, a Web3 and Metaverse technology company whose mission is to innovate how humans interact in the digital space by building the truly Decentralized Social Metaverse. Firas is author and editorial board member at UrbanNext, and chapter lead at NeurotechBCN, the Barcelona chapter of NeurotechX.