IAAC Lecture Series 2019/20

20th of February 2020
Alejandro Haiek
The Public Machinery / Lab.Pro.Fab

@ 19.30, IAAC Auditorium
Free and Open to the Public

Alejandro Haiek‘s research examines the relations between public landscapes, post-industrial ecologies and network governability politics. His work explores social innovations that integrate science, culture and local intelligences. His projects develop at the intersection between design, arts and engineering. Focusing on hybrid techniques, Derived Technologies and building components through human and material resources. He’s principles declare architecture as a logistic change of events that eventually transformed in a complex apparatus. A urban choreography as conscious and mindful return to industrialization.

Invited professor at the Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture Erasmus program at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain and Grenoble University, France. Invited artist at Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan and Liga space for Architecture supported by Graham Fundation, Mexico. Artist in residence at Monash University in Australia and Auckland University in New Zealand. He was recently invited at Mextrópoli 2018, Festival Internacional de Arquitectura y Ciudad, Mexico.