Last week IAAC hosted the 4th edition of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia and Europe organized by the prestigious 2A Magazine. These international architectural awards highlight international accomplishments in the field.

The international architectural award takes place every year to encourage and celebrate European and Asian accomplishments in the architectural arena and foster an architectural discussion among worldwide architects and artists. IAAC, as the main academic partner, was in charge of hosting the final ceremony on 26th October and organized its Interaction Forum under the theme of Innovative Contextual Architecture.

This debate session was aimed at recognizing and praising substantial contributions to today’s architecture celebrating the diversity of cultures, identities, themes, ideas and experiences and it was moderated by our Head of Studies Mathilde Marengo and IAAC’s Master in City & Technology Coordinator Alex Mademochoritis.

The Awards have been directed by Ahmad Zohadi, Editor-in-chief of the 2A Magazine and Head of Organizing Committee of 2ACAA, supported by an evaluating jury made up by internationally renowned architects such as: Willy Müller (IAAC Co-founder), Ali Basbous (IAAC Faculty member and Founder of BAD, Built by Associative Data) and renowned architects Carme PinósYoko Okuyama and Abbas Gharib.

For seven categories, 162 projects could obtain the acknowledged score and be requested to apply for the second stage decision as well as the show. As a final point, the closing verdict for the International architectural award was made by polling. Below you can see that some of the projects that have been carefully selected as winners of the 2A Asia and Europe Architecture Awards 2018. The complete list of winners can be found on the magazine’s official website.