The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) calls its 10th Advanced Architecture Contest as a global reflection to explore the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the built environment. This competition aims to inspire participants to envision novel applications of AI mixed with non-AI tools that can shape the future of architecture, urban planning, and design.

Design disciplines have evolved from material-focused to data-centric, driven by the digital revolution over the last three decades. The 90s introduced the internet, connecting people and information globally. The 00s saw the rise of online platforms, while the 10s witnessed the proliferation of apps and programs transforming user experiences. Now, in the new decade, AI is central to content creation across various fields. This evolution parallels the development of digital design: 90s text-based, 00s visual graphics, and 10s UI/UX design. Looking ahead, the 2020s promise 3D UX/UI development with AI for immersive, boundary-blurring digital experiences.

Participants are challenged to envision innovative design solutions that harness the potential of AI in the built environment using both AI and non-AI tools. Proposals should investigate how advanced technology tools can offer fresh perspectives on the built environment. These imaginaries can range from critical speculation to forward-thinking projections. The designs should directly engage with one of the topics proposed and respond providing design interventions across a wide range of scales:

– Regenerative Decarbonization
– More-than-Human Cohabitation
– Extreme Migrations
– Radical Self-Sufficiency
– Planetary Automation
– Emergent Territories of Urbanization

SPAN (Matias del Campo/Sandra Manninger) 2022

The 3 Prizes (total value: 60.000 EUR) will be distributed at the discretion of the International Jury and will include cash prizes and 3 Master Programmes at IAAC to choose from MAA01, MAEBB, MDEF, MACT, MRAC and MaAI (coming soon). All of the projects selected will be featured in a special book produced in partnership with the Actar publishing house like in the previous editions. In addition to the main awards, three Special Mentions will also be granted.


The Jury consists of a diverse panel of international architects and experts representing all the world, including Jane Burry (Adelaide), Immanuel Koh (Singapore), Astrid Piber (Amsterdam), Pico Velásquez (Los Angeles, New York, Dubai), Firas Safieddine (Barcelona), Anna Ramos (Barcelona), Enric Ruiz-Geli (Blacksburg, Barcelona, Los Angeles), among others. The programme of the Advanced Architecture Contest will be enriched by Online Events and Lectures that will provide a comprehensive overview of AI and its impact on architecture and design.

Manas Bhatia, AI x Future Cities

The Registration is FREE, and the competition entries should be submitted digitally in PDF files via the Internet.



Launch date of the competition: October 3rd, 2023.

Closing date for registration: February 2nd 2024; 00:00 hrs (UTC +00:00).

Submission of Projects: The reception of submitted projects will close on February 2nd, 2024; 00:00 hrs (UTC +00:00).



Announcement of results: February 26th, 2024.

Book Release: October 2024.

International Exhibition: June 2024.