The ENDESA Pavilion is a self-sufficient solar prototype which is installed at the Marina Dock, within the framework of the International BCN Smart City Congress.

Over a period of one year, it has been used as a control room for monitoring and testing several different projects related to intelligent power management.


The Pavilion is actually the prototype of a multi-scale construction system. A facade composed of modular components, like solar bricks, that respond to photovoltaic gaining, solar protection, insulation, ventilation and lighting. The same parametric logic adapts façade geometries to the specific environmental requirements for each point of the building. It is a single component that integrates all levels of intelligence that the building needs.

From “form follows function” (classic XX century statement) to “form follows energy”. The façade opens reacting to the solar path, being active and becoming permeable towards the south, while becoming closed and protective towards the north. The behaviour of this skin makes visible the environmental and climatic processes that surround the prototype.



Wood Engineering:

  • Fupicsa (MetsäWood)

Photovoltaic Engineering:

  • TFM (Comsa)

Promoted by:

  • Visoren SA


  • Endesa


  • Adriá Goula