EU Project Creative Minds – Service Designed Sustainable Start-ups
Description Creative Minds envisages the creation of motivating and meaningful learning paths for students with different backgrounds in order to act as catalyser for a more digitalised society with a decrease allocation of resources for VETs due to budget constraints in many countries. Creative Minds aims to provide with a cross-sectional structure where real companies, teachers, institutions and students can present inputs and benefit from each other’s synergies. These stakeholders will put into action a customized study plan where they all will be able to fulfil the aforementioned objectives.
EU Call 2019-1-FI01-KA202-060773
Total Funding 294.118€
IAAC Department Fab Lab Barcelona
Partners Kauppiaitten Kauppaoppilaitos Oy (Finland)
Col·legi Badalonès, S.L (Spain)
Stichting Christelijk Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum Noord-en Oost Nederland (Netherlands)
Louise-Schroeder-Schule, Oberstufenzentrum für Bürowirtschaft und Verwaktung (Germany)
Heavenlinen Oy (Finland)
Skills Finland (Findland)
Een paar ontwerpers v.o.f (Netherlands)
4 your Office – Inh. G.Lupp (Germany)
Maiham Oy (Finland)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme under grant agreement No. 2018 – 2387 / 001 – 001.