IAAC’s Safety Commitment

In relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IAAC maintains daily monitoring and compliance with the instructions of the health and education authorities.
Here is some important information regarding IAAC’s approach:


Educational activities are being carried out, with safety, prevention and 1.5-metre social-distancing measures.
Complying to the Spanish restrictions, all the practical and research activities are conducted in person, while the theoretical classes are held online.
Also, the classrooms in the Pujades and Valldaura campus have been adapted with natural or artificial ventilation systems that follow the established protocols of health entities.
In order to assure all security measures and avoid build-up of people, students will be able to access to IAAC facilities from Monday to Friday once the Academic Staff has approved previously their request.


In regards to the in-house mandatory measures, we urge our students and staff to:

  • Wear your mask in all common areas and classrooms,
  • Maintain a minimum social distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Frequently wash your hands with water & hydroalcoholic soap/gel.
  • Clean tools & machines before & after use.
  • Clean your hands before & after leaving a classroom/laboratory.


As for our staff, at the moment, there is no general/regular access to IAAC’s facilities and buildings, except for those workers who are accessing the IAAC punctually to be able to carry out tasks related to machinery and production of projects for students and research that cannot be carried out in an alternative way and also for maintenance and cleaning services.
Finally, IAAC will organise a PCR test for all the students, before their arrival to IAAC.


Barcelona is currently out of the state of emergency and involves a gradual resumption of the usual activities while the necessary prevention and health measures are maintained.
The safety of our community will count on the collaboration of each member, that will have the responsibility to respect regulations.


We remain at your disposal for any questions or queries that you wish to send us.

For more information, please visit: https://iaac.net/iaac-update-coronavirus-covid-19-information/