IAAC - Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia - Barcelona


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The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is:

Social: Important social base, from the interaction with individuals, companies and organizations from all over the world, promoting innovation in the construction of the human habitat.

Independent: Private foundation that collaborates with individuals, universities, companies and public organizations, promoting innovative approaches

Global: In thought and action, in the origin of human capital, learning from the diversity of the world, promoting the construction of local realities with very specific identity.

Compact: An organization that is flexible, agile, quick and able to anticipate the new challenges of our time.

Informational: Recognition of digital systems as a technological base that transform our world today, integration of technologies and processes associated in all the areas of their action.

Natural: Promoting connected systems of self-sufficiency, according to the rules of biological ecosystems, to help build a more ecologically and socially sustainable world.

Holistic: Broad overview of the conception, design and construction of the human habitat, comprehensive of all scales (bits to geography), in interaction with multiple disciplines.

IAAC Values