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Pushing applied research from Open Thesis Fabrication to IAAC BUILDs. In the framework of widening the possibilities of research and production in IAAC, and the further implementation of our platform of development between academy and the real world application, research and the industry, focusing and developing the potentiality towards a marketable product, IAAC proposes the next steps in its field of applied research from Open Thesis fabrication to IAAC BUILDs – building innovation, design & logistics.


The Program runs from September 2015 to February 2016.
All the IAAC BUILDs researchers will be wor- king together in 1 group towards a collective goal and project, in turn subdivided into di- fferent specialized research teams each fo- cusing on a specific aspect of the project’s development. Hence the implementation of a 1:1 scale prototype allowing to test techni- ques and materials on real scale.

Some of the research themes are:
– Design
– Materials and Materiality
– Software and Hardware
– Structure
– Fabrication
– Assembly
– User interfaces

(All working collectively to make the project feasible)