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The Master program is oriented to engineers, architects, artist, makers and designers, and graduates from any discipline related to the crafting of the built environment. The programme will be developed with the collaboration of companies and industry, leading experts from around the world with the goal of forming new professionals interested in leading the design of ecological buildings worldwide.

“Endesa Pavilion” solar house by IAAC


EDITION: 1st edition

DIRECTOR: Daniel Ibañez & Vicente Guallart

DEGREE: Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings


DURATION: 12 months – From September 2018 to August 2019

MODALITY:  Immersive and full time


LOCATION: 9 months in Barcelona, Spain and 3 months in Xinyi, China


Barcelona (9 months)

Tuition cost 15,750€ 

Accommodation 3,000€

China (3 months)

Tuition cost 3,500€ 

Accommodation 700€

ADMISSION: Architecture, Engineering, Design, Bachelor or higher degree from other related professions

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